FOTONIKS carries out Product Development and Technological R& D activities on Optronic and Electronic Systems that combine Information and image into force multiplier. FOTONIKS’s product portfolio includes a variety of electro-optic products from  Night Vision image on carriage helmet to image fusing head-up display and cameras.FOTONİKS has applications and registrations of intellectual and industrial property rights in its own field.

In FOTONIKS’s R&D Laboratories, design, design verification, assembly, testing and end-user specific applications are performed for optical and optoelectronic systems. There are four optical optic tables and a laminated flow chamber within the R&D laboratories.

Any optical system can be easily disassembled and reassembled thanks to 1 class 100 and 1 class 10.000 dust-free labs.

In our laser laboratory where characterization of any light source can be made, many parameters such as power, wavelength, pulse length and repetition time of laser sources can be measured.