FOTONİKS A.Ş. is a national defense industry establishment founded by 100% indigenous resources.

Based on the 10 years experience in the defense industry of its founderer’s, FOTONİKS A.Ş. was established in 2010 in order to provide Production, Research and Development, Design-Production and maintenance operation support in Electronic and Electro Optic subjects.

We continue our activities in order to meet the Optic & Electro-Optic demands of Turkish Armed Forces, Police Forces and other allied nations by providing cost-effective, reliable and effective systems for Single Personnel, Moving Platforms, Union Levels.


To provide solutions by focusing primarily on the electronic and electro-optic needs of the Turkish Armed Forces and to export those solutions to allied nations.


To be the most preferred and trusted Electronic and Electro-Optics company which is an expert in its field, has unique products, has reached national and international competitive power.


  • Fairness and Transparency,
  • As an indigenous patriotic company, not engaging in any kind of relationship, interest, activity or initiative in any circumstance that will adversely affect the interests of the country
  • Preventing personal misusage of the information and know-how gained in the company by complying with the privacy policy of the company
  • Being reliable, using resources effectively and efficiently,
  • Paying maximum attention to the protection of natural environment in all the activities and works,
  • Company employees treating each other with the principles of teamwork and respect,
  • Innovative and solution oriented, observing customer satisfaction,
  • Acting in line with business ethics in business relations.


– We, at FOTONIKS Military Electronics and Electro-Optics are committed to pursuing customer satisfaction by being in the line with customer’s demands and legal procedures, manufacturing high-quality electronic & electro-optic systems, supporting life cycle and delivering on agreed dates.

– We, at FOTONIKS Military Electronics and Electro Optics to increase work efficiency through monitoring, analyzing and continuous improvement of processes.

– We, at FOTONIKS Military Electronics and Electro Optics are determined to create a work environment for employees to be happy and continuously learning.

– We, at FOTONIKS Military Electronics and Electro Optics are committed to working with “Doing everything right for the first time” policy.

– We, at FOTONIKS Military Electronics and Electro Optics are committed to Raising awareness of all employees over human health and environment.

– We, at FOTONIKS Military Electronics and Electro Optics are committed to involving all employees through quality management system in order to have continuous improvement.