Tek Göz


TEKGÖZ is the first hand-held, thermal imaging binocular camera started to be produced in Turkey.
It provides target acquisition with detection and recogniton in long-range, has ruggedized construction and low failure rate. The system utilizes a 320x240/256 Focal Plane Array (FPA) InSb cooled detector, weighs approximately 3 kg, includes batteries and can operate continuously for more than 3 hours, has ruggedized construction enduring harsh environment, and has been utilized in many armies in the world with its proven performance.




ÇOKGÖZ has advanced high resolution detector and integral eyesafe Laser Range Finder, integral day CCD Camera, integral Digital Magnetic Compass and GPS. It provides real time target acquisition and target coordinates calculation. It provides another imaging capability with its day CCD camera that has the capability of displaying 808/840 nm lazer spots. The system utilizes a 640x512 Focal Plane Array (FPA) InSb cooled detector, weighs approximately 3.4 kg. It can provide target detection, recognition, identification and allocation.


KROM, The Eyesafe Laser Range Finder has 20,000 meter range and provides target coordinates with addition of Digital Magnetic Compass and GPS


ÇANAS, It provides a quick sighting solution with laser hologram for the infantryman who deals with varying target ranges in nonstop changing battlefield conditions. The system is focused for infinity and compatible with all rifle types. The holographic weapon sight has been developed utilizing technologies used in ‘Head-Up Display’ in fighter aircraft and enables shooting with both eyes open.