About Us

FOTONIKS Electronics and Electro Optics Company is a 100% local investment Turkish defense industry company. It was established in the year 2010 on top of the experience of the founding partners of more than 10 years in the defense sector for the purpose of Manufacturing, R&D, Design, Production and Life Cycle Support of Electronics and Electro Optical products.
Dismounted Soldier and Force Protection electronics and electro optics are the mainstay of the company whose goal is to supply our Armed Forces and the ones of our allies and friends with high quality products.
Company is located in Ankara and covers a closed space of 1400 metersquare with manufacturing , R&D, Quality Control and ESS testing in house capabilities.
Fotoniks has ISO 9001 2008 Quality Management System, Ministry of National Defense Facility Security Certificate and Ministry of National Defense Manufacturing permission certificate.

Defense Industry is a special industrial sector because it deals with Defense on countries. Nevertheless it is part of the industry in general. FOTONIKS Military Electronics and Electro Optics Company is devoted to Honesty, Quality and Trust in all its operations ranging from Design and Manufacturing to, Life Cycle Support and Training with the utmost goal of the continuation of the service provided by use of its products for fulfillment of the mission need.
It is our basic understanding that “Unity Brings Strength” and instead of “I can do Everything” way of thinking we aim to create a national and international synergy by cooperation and working together.